Deadpool May Make MCU Debut in Thor: Love and Thunder, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The Merc with a Mouth may end up in a rather surprising MCU film for his first appearance.

We are all very well aware and excited regarding the details surrounding Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox. Now we are all waiting anxiously to see some of the mergers that will happen within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly Deadpool.

Finding a way to put Deadpool and his R-Rated presence into the MCU is a little tricky. However, it sounds like Thor 4 or Doctor Strange 2 might just be the perfect place to drop the merc with a mouth into.

Sources are claiming that Taika Waititi’s tone of Ragnarok is what saved Thor from being such a boring set trilogy of films and that more than half of the movie was unscripted. This could be the perfect environment for Deadpool and his humorous antics, especially since Taika Waititi is known to push the boundaries a bit when it comes to his direction within Marvel. These same sources are suggesting that Deadpool may make an appearance in an end-of-credits scene, something that Marvel Studios has made iconic within film over the last 10 years.

However, the other possibility is that Deadpool would appear in Multiverse of Madness with Doctor Strange and Wanda, perhaps by bringing Deadpool to the mainstream MCU through a wormhole or other means of interdimensional travel.

We know for a fact that Kevin Fiege and Marvel Studios are heavily leaning on the Multiverse for future Marvel films, but with the universe-altering events of the Infinity Stones, it isn’t out of the question to suggest that the repercussions of said events would lead into fracturing timelines or kicking off the start to the mutant gene flourishing among the people of earth. This would then be a catalyst that could aid in bringing in either the same Deadpool from past films or a new one with Ryan Reynolds continuing to portray the character. However, this is all just speculation and thinking out loud at this point, so who knows what could actually happen.

Personally, I think that Deadpool’s fourthwall-breaking nature would do well with just having him show up one day without an explanation and Deadpool just turns to the camera and makes a tongue-in-cheek remark about what happens when his studio is acquired by the all-powerful mouse. He doesn’t need an origin now, nor does he need any exposition. Just have him show up one day and have everyone treat it like its a normal day for the MCU.

The other question on how to bring him in is how to avoid not losing the crass tone and violence the character has demonstrated. We know Fiege plans on keeping the R-rating for the character’s future, but it shouldn’t be too hard to have Deadpool show up in a PG-13 MCU film where he tries to cuss but can’t due to the rating limitations. He would then just once more turn to the camera and comment on how he can cuss in his own movies but not in the crossovers because the mouse is watching, or something similar.

Deadpool is a fun franchise that will undoubtedly be met with open arms and a warm embrace however he finally manages to show up in the MCU. It doesn’t really matter how it happens, just more so how much longer do we have to wait?

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