Cartoon Network Celebrates 25 Years with Nostalgic Video

Cartoon Cartoon FRIDAYS!

We love Cartoon Network.

It gave us false expectations on the size of jawbreakers, taught us how to do The Monkey, and added the term omelette du fromage to the lexicon of an entire generation of people who don’t speak French.

It was how we spent a hefty chunk of our weekdays and Friday nights, and gave us an entire universe of memorable characters long before the MCU. And that’s even excluding classic Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, or Toonami.

Well, come to think of it, we loved Cartoon Network.

Now as busy adults, we can’t honestly say we know what shows are on the network’s current lineup outside of Adventure Time or Steven Universe, and the sight of promotional images for Teen Titans GO! or the new Powerpuff Girls makes us turn our heads in disgust before even giving them a chance.

But as we’ve grown so to has Cartoon Network, and now, the cable channel dedicated to cartoons new and old turns 25.

To celebrate, CN has put out a nostalgic music video to commemorate this anniversary, featuring current and classic characters.

Yeah it’s short, silly, and even though our eyes winced a bit when Ben 10 dabbed and Robin pulled a Hotline Bling, there’s still an unmistakable warmth and identity to this video. Maybe that warmth stems from seeing these characters all together again like the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays opening, or maybe it’s the realization that CN has been around just as long as many of us at Geek Outpost have. Even though I may be out of the loop now, I’m glad these cartoons have been here all this time.

Thanks Cartoon Network! Happy 25th!

Jake Culhane
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