CBS and ‘Supergirl’ May be Teaming Up, Crossing Over with CW’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’

If we get a CW/CBS crossover with these DC characters the direction the shows can go in and possibilities are endless.

We’ve already had multiple Arrow and The Flash cross over episodes and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be airing on The CW this upcoming January, which is the cross over of all cross overs thus far. That being said, it wouldn’t hurt to add CBS’ Supergirl into the mix at this point, would it? After all, Supergirl is a part of the DC Universe and fans have been begging for a cross over as soon as the show was announced.


Is a Supergirl cross over with The Flash and Arrow even possible? Surprisingly, yes it is. In January of this year it was revealed that there was a part of Greg Berlanti’s deal that would allow him to create a cross over with The CW’s two superhero shows. Mr. Berlanti was heavily involved in the production of The Flash and Arrow so it seems that maybe Mr. Berlanti could have possibly planned for this to happen all along? No one is completely certain about that right now but it wouldn’t be impossible for Greg Berlanti to have envisioned a cross over like this.

We are certain of one thing, and that is that it would be good business for both The CW and CBS to put the time and the resources into creating a cross over that involved the three superheroes. When the very first cross over episode featuring the Flash on Arrow took place the amount of viewers watching the show jumped to four million, the highest the show has had since it first aired. Of course, if this cross over does happen it would probably have to take place in the next season of Supergirl/Arrow/The Flash because all of the shows’ episodes have already been planned out. Don’t worry DC fans, the cross over we all want is closer than we think, you’re just going to have to wait until next year (hopefully).



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