Players Have Modded ‘Baby Yoda’ into a Playable Battlefront II Character and It’s Hilarious

Watch as 'The Child' devastates Stormtroopers with its unique line of attacks.



The Mandalorian was a major hit among Star Wars fans on Disney+, and the community simply can’t get enough of ‘The Child’ or ‘Baby Yoda’ as he has been coined. And now they have taken things one step further by adding the character to the playable roster of Battlefront II through some clever modding.

The gameplay above is about nine minutes or so, and shows off Baby Yoda scooting around in his carriage jumping and ramming into Stormtroopers. Additionally, Baby Yoda appears to have a zap-like attack that shoots a little arc of lightning at enemies.

You can add ‘Baby Yoda’ to your Battlefront II game through Nexus Mods Here.

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