An Animal Crossing Player Has Remade The Entire Johto Region from Pokemon Gold and Silver

A talented sprite artist has rebuilt the entire region from Pokemon's Gen II games.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that has taken the world by storm. My friends won’t stop begging me to get it and while I am still not entirely convinced this game is for me, I have to admit that I am constantly impressed by the creativity of those who have. In specific, @hinopika‘s remake of the entire Johto version from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal has caught my attention (along with their unique obsession with Cyndaquil).

As you can see, Hinopika’s attention to detail is unrivaled, from sprite by sprite to pixel by pixel, this player’s vision and remake of the original Gen II Pokemon games is extraordinary. You will also recognize that not only are the visuals a near-perfect remake of Johto, but even some sounds from the original games managed to make their way in as well.

There have been a lot of really impressive designs that players have taken but this one, at least for me, takes the cakes. Every bush, tree, fence, a variety of random items across the ground and even a Snorlax blocking a path (but not really, since its basically just a sticker), Hinopika is one talented sprite-maker in AC: NH.

You can check out more on Hinopika’s YouTube channel.

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