Amazon Is Bringing Back ‘The Tick’ Live Action Series



The Big Blue Bug of Justice is making a comeback after getting shelved for over a decade since his last appearance in 2001!

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]mazon has reached out to Ben Edlund, the creator of The Tick’s 1994 animated series and the 2001 FOX live-action series, requesting a pilot episode of The Tick with a brand new cast.


Edlund will be the lead writer and executive producer, Barry Josephson at executive producer, Griffin Newman (Vinyl) cast as Arthur Everest, and Valorie Curry (House of Lies, The Following) will play his sister Dot Everest. As for a director, Amazon is in negotiations with Wally Pfister (Transcendence). Sony Pictures has agreed to produce the TV show.

This attempt to revive the series has been going on for a while. Edlund confirmed the comeback attempts when asked about rumors that had surfaced of Amazon contacting him about re-creating the show again. Patrick Warburton, who played the lead role in the 2001 live-action series, will not return to his previous role. But he will take an executive producer position for the pilot episode. Casting for the lead role is currently underway.

L-R: Patrick Warburton as The Tick and David Burke as Arthur on THE TICK on FOX. ª©2001FOX BROADCASTING CR:FOX
L-R: Patrick Warburton as The Tick and David Burke as Arthur on THE TICK on FOX. ª©2001FOX BROADCASTING CR:FOX

The reboot will feature the return of the muscular, antennae-like superhero, with his sidekick Arthur (Newman), along with new characters surrounding him. The FOX series featured Liz Vassey as Captain Liberty and Nestor Carbonell as Batmanuel.

In this new story, The Tick is recovering from memory loss, but eventually teams up with Arthur to fight evil. Arthur (Newman) had been labeled a schizophrenic because of his statements to rule the city. No one believes him until he comes across The Tick. Curry’s Dot Everest is a nurse who worries for her brother all the time.


The 2001 FOX live-action series only lasted nine episodes, but it received great reviews by critics and 15 years later, it’s still has a place in the fandom’s heart.

What do you think of the return of The Tick? Let us know in the comments below!


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