Alan Wake Remastered is an Epic Games Exclusive for PC

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During the recent PlayStation Showcase, we were stoked (yes, stoked) to hear that Alan Wake was getting a Remaster for pretty much every platform, old and new. PS4 and Xbox One owners would get to experience the game in all its new visual glory and PC players would get to join in on the fun. Unless you exclusively use Steam.

Play as troubled author Alan Wake, who goes on a desperate search for his missing photographer wife, Alice. The sleepy Pacific Northwestern town of Bright Falls isn’t what it seems. A malevolent presence lurks in the dark, and a horror story Alan doesn’t remember writing is coming true. Experience improved visuals, enhanced character models & richer environmental details in a remaster of Remedy Entertainment’s classic game. Alan Wake Remastered includes the main game and its two-story expansions – The Signal and The Writer – with the complete experience rendered in all-new 4K visuals.

Console players are rejoicing but some PC players might be frustrated to know the remaster is going to be an Epic Games exclusive with no signs on whether or not the remaster will see Steam storefronts. As of now, you can pick up Alan Wake on Steam but it will be the original release version with older models but don’t let that stop you. The price tag is about $14.99 right now and goes up to about $24.99 for all the bonus content which is a pretty solid deal.

You can pre-order Alan Wake Remastered right now on available platforms. The game will be available on October 5th of this year.

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