PewDiePie says “N-Word” on Stream, Issues Apology “I should know better”

After a handful of race-related indiscretions, getting let go from Disney partnership, PewDiePie finds himself in hot water again for racial issues. 

If you are familiar with PewDiePie, whether you hate or love the guy, you cant deny his overwhelming internet and YouTube fame. However, you cant also deny the fact that over recent years, PewDiePie has been met with many racial concerns after being called a Nazi and a racist for his on-screen antics. Most recently, PewDiePie slipped up by saying the dreaded “N-Word” on stream during a stream playthrough of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Some YouTubers managed to snag the clip and upload it to their own YouTube channels, but we are not going to share that here. Instead, check out Pewd’s response video that focuses on calling out how he “should know better” after having gone through recent racial problems even as recently as the past several months. 


Take the apology for what you will, perhaps he was sincere, but many viewers may disregard that and claim that he is just another celebrity trying to act to save his name after losing money/partnerships. Regardless of your stance, just remember that celebrities are people too, and they as well can be genuine with an apology. 

Spread love, not hate. 

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