Kingsman 3 will Happen, Already in Development

Say what you will about The Golden Circle, whether you loved it or hate it a sequel is coming from Matthew Vaughn with the core cast set to return. 

Speaking with Cinema Blend, Matthew Vaughn had this to say about the future of the characters we have grown to love and the ones that we were introduced to in TGC: 

“The end of this movie, if you think about it: you have Eggsy’s definitely going to go on a new journey. Galahad, or Harry Hart’s going on a new journey. Tequila’s going on a new journey. Jeff’s (Bridges) going on a new journey, Halle (Berry), the new agent Whiskey, is. The next movie is what happens to these characters. They’re definitely not going to be doing what you’ve seen them do before.”

Whether or not Jeff Bridges and Channing Tatum’s characters will be receiving more screen time is uncertain, but it sounds like those two along with Halle Berry will be back for the sequel in some degree. 

So many events took place to shake up the world for Eggsy and Harry that the future for the Kingsman is foggy at best. The loss of loved ones and close friends and agents definitely shook the foundation for whatever the future holds. As to when we will get to see Kingsman 3, nothing is confirmed yet, but we wouldn’t expect to see anything on the screen until at least 2019 at the earliest. 


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