‘Wonder Woman 2’ is Happening, ‘Batgirl’ Film to Debut First



It’s a wondrous time for DC fans. 

[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]uring the Shanghai premiere of Wonder Woman, Zack Snyder reportedly stated (via Cosmic Book News) that Warner Bros. will be bringing us Wonder Woman 2

Snyder, who produced and wrote for Wonder Woman, briefly touched on the planned sequel during a red carpet interview, but no more details have been revealed to back up the news so far. 

The next hot property in DC’s line-up is undoubtedly  Batgirl’s solo film, which will see Avengers director Joss Whedon take the directing helm. Producer Deborah Snyder recently reported that Batgirl is the next film Warner Bros. will bring us, which indicates that Batgirl is likely to debut in cinemas before other planned DC titles (such as Gotham City Sirens and the aforementioned Wonder Woman sequel). 

After some rather lacklustre titles from DC, we still have every hope that the upcoming titles will amp up DC’s cinematic successes a bit more. With Wonder Woman – which has already received a good reception – hitting the big screens shortly, and a whole host of other films set to follow (including Justice League this November, and Aquaman in 2018), it is arguably a very exciting time for DC fans. Let’s just hope Warner Bros. delivers. 

Wonder Woman is landing in cinemas June 1 (UK) and June 2 (US). 


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