Ubisoft’s For Honor loses more than 90% of Playerbase

Ubisoft have been having hard times with For Honor and it seems that things are only getting worse.  It is one thing to have quite a number of issues being shared by players after launch, but to band together to boycott the game is extremely unheard off.  The active player percentage actually dropped down by 95 percent! The drop in percentage started with steam, and the PS4 and Xbox One shortly followed.  Going from 71,748 to about 3,400 players is just mind-blowing.


Gameplay of For Honor,

Lack of dedicated servers, glitches, bugs, connectivity problems, and the controversial pay-to-play model all contributed to the refusal to continue to play this game.  And the craziest part is the fact that the currency system is so unforgiving that people have to spend money to get the most out of the game.  People can get in game-items; but had to spend really money first to actually get something good.  All of these problems mad players reasonably upset.  The season 2 dlc wan’t even enough to get back and keep players around. 




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