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We Review Justice League… and the Fans Deserve Better

Justice League isn't as bad as many critics are claiming, but it definitely isn't the best superhero film either... PLOT Fueled by his restored faith in...

New Justice League Character Posters Released along with new Trailer

The release of these iconic character posters promise that the League members are "All In" against their common foe. The posters come just in time...

Justice League film will be nearly 3 Hours

Holy screen time Batman, that's a long movie. When taking into account everything that will supposedly happen in the film, it doesn't seem that surprising...

The Justice League Trailer has been Released

The wait is finally over! After releasing character posters and teaser trailers for all of the members of the Justice League earlier this week, Warner...

Cyborg gets new Character Poster, Teaser ahead of Full Trailer Reveal on Saturday

Here comes Cyborg! Warner Bros is going to be releasing the Justice League trailer on Saturday and in preparation for the trailer they released a...

A New Character Has Been Revealed in Injustice 2

Injustice 2's new story trailer shows Cyborg ready for battle! As we get closer to the release of Injustice 2, another character has been revealed a week...


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