Studio Trigger Producer, Director Wants to See a Fortnite Collaboration

Studio Trigger director and producer Hiromi Wakabayashi is a huge fan of Fortnite and is hopeful for a collab some day.



Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia) director and producer Hiromi Wakabayashi is a huge fan of Fortnite, so much so that he wants to see a collaboration between his studio and the battle royale juggernaut.

According to reports, Wakabayashi had made these claims a few weeks back at Anime Expo 2022. Apparently, during the convention, Wakabayashi answered some questions that revealed he was “obsessed” with Fortnite and that he would want to go so far as to design something in the game in Studio Trigger’s signature style. This includes different skins, and allegedly a battle suit of some kind and presumably, some sort of set pieces on the island.

Mako would be one incredible skin to have but admittedly, too many characters in Kill La Kill show far too much… skin.

Despite all the news of massive anime collabs with Epic Games and Fortnite, there is nothing official happening regarding a Studio Trigger x Fortnite collaboration at the present time. Maybe it will happen some day but for now, the idea is nothing more than the voice of a fan who just happens to be one of the top directors and producers of a major Japanese animation studio.

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