HIDIVE Secures Exclusive Rights to New Series “Loner Life in Another World”

Based on Shoji Goji's popular isekai novel and manga, the anime will air this fall.



HIDIVE has announced its latest acquisition: the fantasy adventure series “Loner Life in Another World.” Based on the widely-read isekai light novel and manga by Shoji Goji, the series will be available exclusively on HIDIVE, AMC Networks’ anime streaming service, as part of its Fall 2024 simulcast lineup.

“We are excited to announce that ‘Loner Life in Another World’ will join HIDIVE’s Fall 2024 simulcast season,” said John Ledford, President of HIDIVE. “Fans attending Anime Expo 2024 should stay alert for a possible early preview!”

Loner Life in Another World | HIDIVE

“Loner Life in Another World” centers on Haruka, who, along with his high school classmates, is transported to a new world. Given the chance to choose special powers by a deity, Haruka misses the selection period and is left with the abilities nobody else wanted. Despite appearing underwhelming, he leverages these skills to lead a surprisingly comfortable solo existence. However, when his classmates realize their chosen abilities are not as impressive as they thought, Haruka may need to save them using his resourcefulness and the neglected powers.

The adaptation draws from Shoji Goji’s light novel and manga, both of which have garnered substantial popularity since their debuts in January 2018 and January 2019, respectively. The English version of the light novel is published by Seven Seas, while Kaiten Books handles the English publication of the manga. Directed by Akio Kazumi and written by Kenta Ihara, “Loner Life in Another World” is produced by Hayabusa Film and Passione, featuring Shuichiro Umeda as Haruka, Haruka Shiraishi as Class Rep, and Hina Suguta as Gal Leader.

For more updates and details about the preview at Anime Expo 2024, keep an eye on HIDIVE’s announcements.

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