Sling Paint with Splatoon in 2015


To be brief, Splatoon looks to be Nintendo’s answer to shooters. The reveal trailer showed a colorful 4v4 paint-fest, where you play as hybrid human-squid children wielding paint-filled guns. The objective of each match is to cover the map with paint, and the team with the most marked territory wins. It’s like Tony Hawk Pro Skater’s graffiti mode and Super Mario Sunshine had a love child. That being said, Splatoon looks like a blast (pun partially intended). Let’s just hope that white isn’t a color option, because I can already hear the jokes.

This is like a Nickelodeon fantasy.
This is like a Nickelodeon wet dream.

The colorful shooter, coming 2015, gives you the ability to swap forms between kid and squid, each with their own set of abilities. Human form appears to be for spraying paint and taking down enemies, while squid form allows a player to quickly move through paint rivers and leap great distances.

Not much has been said about additional game modes or online play, but I’ll put money on Splatoon having solid replay value. It makes you wonder if the game will have any type of single player campaign, or if it’ll be strictly online play. Regardless, I can’t wait to pump someone full of paint.

Developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo, Splatoon is set to release for the Wii U in 2015.

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