Season Finale – CWs ‘The Flash’ Teases Panabaker’s Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost

In a seemingly potential alternate, parallel  future, Caitlin Snow becomes the villainous frost vixen. Will Killer Frost show up in Season 2?

If you have yet to watch the season finale of CW’s The Flash, you should stop reading. If you have seen it, you have caught a glimpse of the future– err, Barry’s future– potential future. It’s all kind of confusing when it comes to the Space-Time Continuum or whatever. Anyway…

Warning! Spoilers!

Amidst the glimpses of Barry’s life, past, present, and future, a small easter egg was tossed in that shows off another ice villain; Killer Frost.

Frost 3

If you know a bit about DC lore, you will be aware of Barry’s friends, Francisco “Cisco” Ramon and Caitlin Snow both having a unique and intriguing future, the latter of which becoming one of the deadliest foes within Barry’s adventures as the Flash. The former, Cisco, becomes Vibe, something briefly mentioned in an exchanged between he and Wells/Thawne.

Though we do not get a lot to work with on either front, Cisco reveals an early ability in relation to his powers being able to see events across space-time. Still too early to tell, but it would be a fair assumption that the character will develop his powers more in Season 2. On the other hand, Caitlin Snow has been dealing with a lot emotionally, in regards to her love life and the realization of who Harrison Wells really is. However, after dealing with both issues accordingly, she seems to be able to hold herself together with no signs of snapping. So that begs the question; does she?

Frost 2During the events of the season finale, Barry decides to head back in time to undo all the evils of the Reverse Flash, and along the way he sees bits of his past and future, among these events are images of a woman with ice abilities.

But these images are not the only easter eggs tossed around at fans, literally. We also get a clear look at Jason Peter Garrick’s tin hat with wings, the one that resembles the Roman God, Mercury.


With all that goes on in the episode, its hard to tell what is going to happen next with such a massive cliffhanger and with the fate of Reverse Flash left rather… Unusual. Things are starting to fall to pieces just when it seems as though everything is being worked out. Fix a broken glass, break a window, so to speak.

The Flash is easily among the best shows on television right now, with a great cast, great effects, and stupendous writing. If you have not seen it yet, you really need to, and critics and fans agree as The Flash is now the most popular show on the CW, significantly.

The latest episodes can be found on Hulu+ though you will have to dig around on the CW site or elsewhere to find the beginning of the season. Either way, fear not, for with the season wrapping up, you will likely be able to binge watch the show everywhere on streaming platforms soon enough.



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