DCEU’s Upcoming The Flash (2022) Rumored to Reset the DCEU a la The New-52

The Flash (2022) film may reset the entire DCEU and do away with all the flops that Warner Bros has delivered since Man of Steel.



If you aren’t familiar, The New 52 was a comic book relaunch that took place in 2011. Back then, there was a desire for DC Comics to get more readers involved in comics but felt many potential readers were ostracized as the comics up until 2011 retained the original numbering since the 1930s. As a response to this, DC Comics introduced the Flashpoint storyline which was an in-canon plot involving the Flash that resulted in time travel that wiped out ten years of in-comic history (the ten years contained pretty much all the main plots from the 1930s to 2011). The result was a really clever way for DC Comics to cancel all of its running issues and reboot the entire DC Comics Universe with 52 new issues starting at no.1 to get new readers invested. And it was all part of the comic continuity.

I tell you this, because the upcoming The Flash (2022) is set to feature the Flashpoint plot and, in theory, wipe out all of the lousy DC and Warner Bros films we have gotten since Zack Snyder was involved. This will likely allow a complete reboot of films that will give DC and Warner Bros the opportunity to make some decent movies with some consistency.

During Flashpoint, Barry Allen comes across Thomas Wayne, who has become Batman in this version of events. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is allegedly returning to this role for The Flash (2022).

Whether or not the reason for this movie being all about Flashpoint having to do with Zack Snyder bungling the entire DCEU has not been confirmed and likely won’t be. However, you can’t help but think it played a major factor in the course of the events since Snyder himself has said that we likely won’t see him involved in the DCEU after his #SnyderCut film debuts on HBO Max next month as Warner Bros has stated they aren’t interested in working with him going forward.

Ezra Miller is a fun Barry Allen, and we hope that whatever happens in the future of the DC Film universe keeps him around. As for Snyder? We can’t say the same.

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