Rush Hour: Big Screen to Little Screen


[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]amn! Action comedy series Rush Hour is being remade as an hour-long action comedy television series. Warner Bros. recently closed the deal on the project, which is expected to closely follow the plot of the movie. Can Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan be replaced? While nobody has been cast, the series is to be co-written by Bill Lawrence and directed by Brett Ratner.

I ate here. It was okay. I had duck.

The original Rush Hour (1998 – F—, that was a long time ago. I feel old now. Just give me a second here.

*peers out, wistfully, onto an open sea, wondering where his life has gone*

… Okay, I’m back.) was part of a three-movie series that grossed $845m worldwide. As our buddy, Chris Tucker would say, “Damn!” There was talk about doing a fourth movie, but nothing is confirmed to be in the works. I’m sure they can milk the story-line for at least two seasons, but what will come of the series afterwards? Give us your thoughts.



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