Latest ‘Death Battle!’ Pits Red Hood (DC) Against Winter Soldier (Marvel) and the Outcome is Not Surprising

Death Battle! and Ismahawk team-up to bring you one hell of a... Death Battle

The guys over at Ismahawk have once again partnered with the Death Battle! team to bring you something you never knew you wanted- a fight between two incredible sidekicks from different comicbook universes in a fight to the death. Okay, so maybe you did want this but at least now, you got it.

In their latest video, Death Battle! puts Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier, against Red Hood, aka Jason Todd, in a fight where only one can be left standing. And if you didn’t watch the video yet- you have been warned for spoilers.

I am not going to lie- the title of this article was intentionally misleading as I honestly was surprised by the outcome of the battle. Again, you have been warned for spoilers.

The final moments of the fight see Barnes defeating Todd in a gruesome skull crush with his metal arm- an enhanced limb that gave him the final advantage needed to end the fight. Once again, I am surprised by the outcome of the fight between them but with the science Death Battle! applies, I also once again find myself woefully out-of-touch with the facts. Their breakdown is nearly infallible, and even if there were a counter-argument to be made, we are pretty sure that the majority of all outcomes will see Bucky beating Jason in the end. That said, I was rooting for my man Red Hood the whole time.

I must add, if you are like me, you cared about the facts after you watched the awesome fight between Red Hood, played by Tim Neff, and Winter Soldier, played by Tyler Tackett. In fact, both of these guys have been a part of many impressive YouTube fight videos or series, including that of RobotUnderDog’s Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope. Tackett plays Android 17 in that web series while Neff will be playing the adult Future Trunks in any potential later episodes.

If you want to get a closer behind-the-scenes look at how the project was handled by Ismahawk, check out their video here:

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