DC’s Live-Action ‘Titans’ Show Teases Red Hood for Season 3

Jason Todd's Robin will be no more in Season 3 of the acclaimed DC series.



Season 3 of Titans is set to premiere on HBO Max on August 12 and we could not be more excited. The best part is, we get three episodes to watch back-to-back-to-back. The plot of season 3 is being teased as a return to Gotham City for the teen heroes where they will “reunite with old friends and face new threats”. Among those threats can be presumed to be none other than Jason Todd as Red Hood.

What makes this even more exciting, if you know anything about Red Hood, is that we will likely get to see a whole new Joker wreaking chaos across Gotham.

In the comics, Jason Todd, then known as the second Robin, is beaten to death by Joker with a crowbar in a warehouse. Batman arrives on the scene too late only to find the body of his sidekick lifeless (some iterations show the warehouse blowing up just as Batman tries to enter inside). Joker escapes and Batman is torn up about not being there for his former partner. Later, Jason Todd’s corpse is brought to the Lazerus Pit where his life is restored but his mind is fractured causing him to go insane. Todd later dawns the Red Hood identity and begins to kill criminals around Gotham to show that his method of dealing with crime is more effective than Batman’s.

Surprisingly, I really loved the first two seasons of Titans. I expected it to be a half-campy CW-like feel with a forced darker tone and a lot of harsh language to appeal to young teenage audiences but what I found instead was a lot of charm, decent writing, mostly solid acting, and an action-packed story full of intrigue, excitement, and suspense. If you happen to be a DC fan and have been putting off this show for any reason, I highly suggest you do yourself a favor and check it out. You will be glad you did.

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