Injustice 2 Red Hood Trailer Reveals Destructive Style

The Red Hood trailer for Injustice 2 has been revealed. Jason Todd, former Robin, was brutally murdered by Joker. However, he was revived by the power of the Lazarus Pit with the help of Talia. The effects of the Lazarus Pit twisted Todd’s mind into something more sinister; thus resulting in the villain known as Red Hood.

Red Hood is known for his aggressive; but agile movement while using guns. Red Hood’s moveset involves an array of weapons ranging from batarangs to grenades. It is very interesting how Red Hood’s meter burn batarang becomes a barrage of vertical batarangs to shoot opponents out of the sky. The meter burn batarang looks as if it can be used to set up combos based on the fact that Red Hood was in ready stance way before his opponent was falling to the ground.

Red Hood performing one of his stylish meter burn special moves.

Red Hood also has a nasty knife special that can meter burn into throwing an empty gun at the head of the victim which bounces back in the hand; which is followed up by a reload into a gun shot. The previously described spectacle was a sight to see cause of how stylish and bad-ass it looked.

He comes equipped with a counter that involves filling his opponent full of lead. The sick thing about Red Hood is the fact that he has so many crazy meter burn moves at his disposal. Hood’s big super move looks not only stylish but devastating as you watch the opponent getting blasted by a grenade while getting hit by acrobatic volleys of bullets in all directions. If you are looking for a character with destructive grace; then Red Hood is your man. You can get this character by either purchasing the season pass or DLC Pack 1 on the month of June. Check out the trailer below; and if you would like to see a reaction video watch the second video.