Respawn Confirms TitanFall Sequel


TitanFall 2 is in the works… Hopefully it’ll be what gamers expected of its predecessor.

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]here is no denying that TitanFall definitely has some great things going for it; simple controls, wall-running, and… well, that’s honestly about it. Where TitanFall fails, and it does on many accounts, TitanFall 2 will likely address many of the concerns gamers had over the course of the year and a half TitanFall has been available. Or… Maybe it won’t. Take a look at what Respawn founder Vince Zampella had to say to CVG about the possibility of a single-player campaign in the sequel:

A single-player campaign? I don’t know. I think we want to hit whatever part of the brain it is that triggers that feeling of a single-player campaign. There’s nothing wrong with a single-player experience. They should exist and they do exist and I would work on one. But doing one with this feels almost like taking a step backwards […] As you’re playing there are these story moments happening around you and some people take it in, but others miss it because they’re focussed on the fight. Sometimes it’s a problem for single-player games too, but in those you can put up a wall, block the action and then force people to pay attention to the story. In a multiplayer game you don’t want to block things off.

Director Steve Fukuda suggests that traditional single-player campaigns are “almost a step backwards” on the subject of innovation in an attempt to try new things. Though sometimes tradition sticks around for generations for a reason, a missing single-player campaign from the first TitanFall was easily one of the biggest gripes in the first place. With little to customize, repetitive missions, some of the worst voice acting and recycled dialogue, not to mention no opportunity or even a need to explore the surrounding areas, TitanFall became a bore for me within the first week of having it.

What’s also interesting is that while Fukuda feels a single-player campaign is a thing of the past, it’s “going back to what you know” and would essentially hold back what they are trying to do with the TitanFall series which is to not copy Call of Duty. Though we would argue that custom load outs, the same control scheme, regenerating, banners beside your name for showing off your level growth, and pretty much everything else TitanFall had to offer was practically identical. The inclusion of mechs was certainly a nice touch, but absolutely left most players wanting. It was not until Respawn included a no-mechs-allowed mode that I picked the game up again. More often than not, I just left my mech running on auto-pilot while I took other players and their Atlases down.


“TitanFall 2 will not suck and won’t be boring. But I can’t promise anything.”


TitanFall has since seen a mixed bag of reviews and a steady decline of active players, as a lot of them just don’t know what else there is to do in the game. Personally, if the game added a dozen mechs, the ability to build your own from the ground up, more weapons, a customize your character option, an offline campaign, local player split-screen, and some new challenge modes, I would not be able to put the game down. Of course, I may be asking a lot, but I am a gamer and that is just my way.

Turtle Rock’s Evolve has seen MASSIVE success, and is a blast to play as it redefines the multiplayer genre with a 4-on-1 style. I would imagine this is possible for future installments within the TitanFall series as well, if they say, added a mission where rogue mechs were on the loose on auto-pilot destroying cities, and 4 players had to team-up to take it down. But of course, this is just wishful thinking.

If you don’t have TitanFall, it is out now exclusively to XBox 360, XBO, and PC. Be sure to check out the full line of DLC available, as it was announced that all of it will be available for free indefinitely across all available existing platforms.

TitanFall 2 does not have a release date and little is known about the game’s central plot and gameplay, though we do know that is in development and will not be exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms this go around. Yay for Playstation!

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