Apex Legends/TitanFall Developer is Making a Star Wars Game, Teaser Poster Allegedly Leaked for ‘Jedi Fallen Order’

Respawn Entertainment is making a single-player Star Wars game, and it appears to focus on a Padawan who escaped Revenge of the Sith's Order 66 initiative. Here is what we know so far...

Earlier this week, the EA Star Wars twitter account posted a gif (pronounced “jiff”) of the title of this new Star Wars game, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. The image features what appears to be a busted lightsaber among blowing embers. Dark and ominous, the image suggests the story will focus on heavy struggles of the titular care. Take a look below.

In addition to the tweet above, a new poster for the game, which appears to be official, was allegedly leaked on Amazon as a t-shirt design. You can see the poster below, but the listing on Amazon has since been taken down.


Courtesy of Polygon


We don’t know much about the game, only that it is single-player, and there appears to be a Droid companion of some kind (as shown in the image above). Though it is likely a storyline that takes place after Episode III, where a Padawan managed to escape the clutches of the Sith and survive the Order 66 broadcast from Palpatine.

Jedi Fallen Order has not been given a concrete release date, but we expect to hear more on Saturday during the Star Wars Celebration panel from EA on their Twitch channel, which will be broadcasting live at 2:30pm PST.



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