Pokemon Sword & Shield: Here are All the Starter Evolutionary Lines, Full Galar PokeDex Revealed

With the leak of the Galar PokeDex, many fans will be disappointed in not being able to obtain their favorite monsters while others will be delighted to see theirs have made the cut.

Late last week, Scorbunny’s evolutions were allegedly leaked, leading to some rather mixed feelings among the Pokemon community and fans alike.

Raboot and Cinderace, Scorbunny’s evolved forms, resemble in what some say looks like Fortnite skins or dare we even say ‘furries’ (yes, Cinderace ‘Fan Art’ was made in less than 24 hours of the first leak and it is every bit as horrifying as you would imagine).

Scorbunny > Raboot (left) > Cinderace (right) – In under 24 hours, the web was flooded with Cinderace ‘Fan Art’. As I write this, all I can think about is how badly the entire Internet needs to burn to the ground.

Now, it seems that even more leaks are flooding the web just days before the game hits store shelves. Among these leaks are the alleged complete list of Pokemon available in Sword and Shield, which show a heavy metaphorical ax on many of your favorites, including all previous generation starters except for Charmander. Previous generation legendaries are also absent, with only Galar’s 8th gen legendaries making the cut, respectively.

Click to enlarge. The three pink boxes with ??? are Dhelmise, Hawlucha, and a new Pokemon by the name of Runerigus. Image courtesy of @CentroLeaks.

In addition to the full list of all 400 available Pokemon in the Galar Dex, what many did not know is what the other Galar starter evolutions look like, let alone what they are even called. Well, now we know both.

  • Grookey > Thwackey > Rillaboom
  • Scorbunny > Raboot > Cinderace
  • Sobble > Drizzile > Inteleon
Rillaboom looks pretty cool. Possibly the best evolution of the starters. To each their own, but if you disagree, you are just flat out wrong.
Intelleon looks like some sassy Beverly Hills mom with a shopping obsession and zero patience for your poor people bulls**t.

The image below shows what appear to be many new Galar forms, including Yamask, Corosla, Meowth and what looks like Mr. Mime and apparently Eevee (all forms of Eevee will be available in the Galar PokeDex, but no new elemental types or new evolutions, from what we can tell).

Even Farfetch’d looks to not only have a new evolution but possibly its own Galar form as well. Of course, we can’t confirm that these are all 100% legitimate, but it definitely looks like it.

Click to enlarge – image courtesy of ProGameGuides

Pokemon Sword & Shield will be available this month on Nov 15th, so you won’t have long to wait before you can jump right in and try to catch them all. Well, all that are available, anyway. Unfortunately, many of our favorites didn’t make it, like Abra and the Johto starters, but that’s how it be sometimes. Maybe we will get lucky in Pokemon Spear someday, but we doubt it.

Big thanks to @CentroLeaks and PGG for the details on all this juicy new info. All image and data credit goes to them. We are just reporting on their findings.

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