This Reddit Survey of the Most Popular Pokemon Puts Charizard at no.1

Charizard, Gengar, and Arcanine all made the Top 10, but some Pokemon managed to not even garner a single vote of over 52,000.

After the announcement that Pokemon Sword and Shield would not contain a National PokeDex, the internet blew up. Fans were furious that some of the Pokemon that they have had with them for over 10+ years would not be coming forward any longer. Confusingly, we still have not received confirmation on just which ‘Mons are being left behind.

Presumably, fan favorites like those in the Top 10, will be a priority for Game Freak to include in SNS, but we just don’t have the details yet on which are going to make the cut.

In the meantime, the interwebs are still abuzz with fans trying to save their faves, such as with this Reddit Survey having received over 52,000 votes. If ever there was a study on which ones to keep and which ones to abandon, this would likely be it.

Here is Your Top 10

Charizard (1,107 votes)

Gengar (1,056 votes)

Arcanine (923 votes)

Bulbasaur (710 votes)

Blaziken (613 votes)

Umbreon (607 votes)

Lucario (604 votes)

Gardevoir (585 votes)

Eevee (581 votes)

Dragonite (551 votes)

The Top 10 surprised us with Blaziken and Gardevoir being so high up, but what is more surprising is that there were a handful of Pokemon that did not get a single vote at all.

Silcoon, Gothita, Elektrik, Yungoos, were at the bottom of the list with not a single vote to their names.

So, for example, if Charizard received 1,107 votes as a favorite of 1,107 voters from a pool of over 52,000 total voters, then sadly, Silcoon, Gothita, Elektrik, and Yungoos did not receive a single vote as anyone’s favorite Pokemon. Feelsbadman.

Over 52,000 people voted, and not one picked you as a favorite. Better not see you in Galar, fool.

Another interesting statistic was Pokemon that received only 1 single vote. These unfortunate Pocket Monsters were Exeggcute, Baltoy, Skorupi, Patrat, Sewaddle, Alomomola, Trumbeak, and Cosmoem.

You can check out all of the stats here, and see which Pokemon and even elemental types made the top of the list. Certainly interesting to see what GameFreak has done to the community, and what will be even more interesting is how they address this going forward. Probably best for them not to, but we will see.



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