New Tron film in the works, Jared Leto eyed for role

The reboot reportedly won’t be a direct sequel to the prior films.

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]fter Disney had pulled the plug back in 2015 on Tron 3 it appears the entertainment juggernaut has returned to the project and brought it back to life. While the reboot is supposedly “in the very early stages of development” according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jared Leto is interested in starring in the film and Disney, unfortunately, is interested in the actor as well.

As of right now, the new Tron film doesn’t have a writer or a director attached to the project. The only person who appears to be onboard is Tron: Legacy producer Justin Springer. The reboot won’t be tied directly to the previous two films and it appears that Jared Leto is eyed to play the role of a character called Ares. This character never appeared in the previous films but he was an important part of Tron 3‘s script and might play an important role in this new project. 



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