Nintendo Patents a Game Boy Emulator for Smart Devices


Nintendo recently filed a patent for a software emulator which could open up the door to run the platform’s games on phones and other devices.

Super_marioThe patent, filed back in June, describes emulating Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on cell phones, and even types of seat-back displays, such as those on an airplane or a train.

As exciting as this news might sound, just because Nintendo has filed the patent doesn’t necessarily mean that a legitimate emulator will actually come to fruition. This could solely be a way to secure the option for the future and to serve as an update to one of their previous patents.

Nintendo isn’t one to want to jump on the mobile bandwagon just yet. The company has expressed multiple times that it has no intention of porting its games over to iOS or Android, using the successful sales they’ve had with Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS as proof that dedicated handheld gaming is here for the long haul.

If you ultimately can’t wait for Nintendo to realize how many millions if not billions of dollars they could make if they would just bring Super Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong Country to the App Store, feel free to try your luck with any of the various emulators that already exist through jailbreaks and other shady methods.

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