My Hero Academia Coming to Fortnite, Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya Skin Revealed

It also appears an equipable 'One for All' Mythical weapon is on the way as well...



Fortnite’s Chapter 4 is here and fans are going nuts over all the gameplay changes and enhanced visuals. Along with so many alterations to gameplay and the island itself, more collaborations are on the way including Doom Slayer (available now), Geralt of Rivia (arriving in February), and characters from My Hero Academia- the latter of which includes Deku performing one of his signature moves through the power of One for All.

The Chapter 4 Season 1 Launch Trailer below shows off a ton of what’s new with this latest update but if you are interested in seeing Deku in action, you can skip to 1m14s where the quirkless fanboy pulls off a devastating smash that decimates the surrounding structures.

We have no idea how or when My Hero Academia will arrive but the major standout here is his using a smash attack which means players will likely encounter a Mythic item that allows Fortnite characters of all shapes and sizes to harness and unleash the power of the legendary quirk, One for All.

Whether or not Deku is the only character from My Hero Academia to arrive on the island of Fornite has not been confirmed but a collab like that is likely to include more than one hero (or villain?), presumably through quests or possibly as item shop exclusives. Regardless, this is one set of skins we can’t wait to pick up for ourselves when they drop some time in the future.

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