Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is Getting a New Film Reboot

After the 2017 film failed to please fans and general audiences alike, it's back to the drawing board...



I am not ashamed to say that I was extremely disappointed in the 2017 Power Rangers reboot film. The cast of Rangers was great, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa should have been great, all the elements were there- but the writing, the visual style, specifically the Zords, Goldar, and the Power Ranger suits were all complete garbage.

Look how they massacred my boy… He seriously looks like a crinkled Godiva wrapper.

What I am saying is this- the movie, overall, was atrocious to watch. So when I found out earlier this week that there were tentative plans to reboot it, naturally I was excited about it. Because, and let’s be honest, while this movie could have been a lot worse, I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt that they will try again to at least get the visuals more accurate.

Deadline is reporting that Canadian multinational entertainment company eOne and Hasbro have partnered up to bring about a new reboot, presumably with a whole new cast, with the help of Detective Comics writer Bryan Edward Hill.

Hill, who is probably best known for his short five-issue On the Outside Batman comic arc under the Detective Comics moniker, has been tapped to write the screenplay for this proposed reboot. As to why, I honestly have no idea. Nothing against Hill, but he doesn’t really have any other credits to his name, and considering his Wikipedia page talks about his career as a consultant for Pepsi, JP Morgan Chase, and M&M Mars more than his career in writing film or comics, we have every reason to be worried.

Currently, Hill is credited as a co-producer for the DC show Titans, but as to what exactly he does for the show, we have no idea. But here is the problem with movies like these- the reboots always try to reinvent the wheel, rather than polish up the already existing one they already have. If, and stay with me on this one as this might seem crazy here, but if the studios hired someone with experience in relation to the source material, perhaps someone who was even a fan, and god forbid maybe even more writing credits than a couple of comic books that have nothing to do with the source material in question, maybe, just maybe, they might be able to write a decent screenplay for the movie of which they have been tapped.

Look, nothing against Hill, as I am sure he is a decent writer in his own respects, but unless the studios can announce someone to write the screenplay that instills faith in the legions of fans that can be faithful to the source material for the modern era, I am not holding my breath. Because as of now, I suspect that this movie is going to suck big time, even if I am looking forward to another reboot.

No word on whether the cast of the 2017 film will return or when a release date for this trainwreck is set.

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