Marvel Releasing ‘Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’ Disney Comic


“Hold on to your hats, folks! This here’s the wildest comic in the wilderness!”

[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]isney is once again looking to its long list of iconic theme park attractions to adapt for other media. This time, Marvel will launch a 5-part miniseries based on the Disney theme parks’ roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The comic, which was officially announced via the Disney Parks Blog, will be the third series in the Disney Kingdoms line of comics. The other titles in the series were Seekers of the Weird, based on a scrapped Haunted Mansion concept known as the Museum of the Weird, and Figment, which centered on the adventures of Dreamfinder and Figment the dragon – two iconic mascots from Walt Disney World’s EPCOT park.

First look at the cover artwork.
First look at the cover artwork.

While it may seem outlandish to base a story around a roller coaster, many would be surprised to learn that the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coasters themselves were conceived with their own written legends and backstories. Based on statements made by Disney Kingdoms editor Bill Roseman, it sounds like the creative team behind the comics will use the Walt Disney Imagineering concepts as a foundation as they set to explore the story deeper.

[dropcap size=small][/dropcap]This action-packed story by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Tigh Walker will feature the never-before-told saga of how the gold mine in Big Thunder Mountain became the haunted legend it is today,”

The story is set in “a Gold Rush town where daring men and women were in a daily battle between man and mountain.” The comic will feature memorable elements from the Disney attractions such as earthquakes, floods, and of course, a dynamite-chewing goat.

What do you think? Does this sound like a concept that could work? Let us know in the comments below!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is due out in the spring of 2015.



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