Mario Kart 8 Tops 2 Million Units Sold Worldwide


The latest entry in the Mario Kart’s franchise became the Wii U’s fastest-selling game on May 29 when it hit 1.2 million copies, and has continued to fly off the shelves. Still within the first month of its release, Mario Kart 8 has officially sold more than 2 million copies.

The strong sales prove that the Wii U is still very much alive, but unless Nintendo can find a way to move more consoles, Mario Kart 8 may actually end up being one of the worst-selling Mario Kart games in its franchise. With a history like 25 million sales for the Mario Kart Wii (99 million Wii consoles sold), 23 million for Mario Kart DS (85 million DS’s sold), and 10 million for Mario Kart 64 (11 million N64’s sold); at roughly 6 million Wii U sales so far, Mario Kart 8 has some big shoes to fill.

Developed by Nintendo EAD and Bandai Namco Games, published by Nintendo, Mario Kart 8 was released worldwide in May, 2014

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