Madden 15 Debuts Real Player Tattoos


[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]or those of you who picked up a copy of Madden 15 today, you may have noticed something you haven’t seen in any previous Madden iteration- real player tattoos. This is the first time faithful recreations of players’ tattoos have been in any Madden, but not for the reason you might think. EA had previously left out players’ trademark tattoos because of copyright infringement, not on the players’ behalf, but because of the tattoo artists.

KaepernickTat_original_original_originalLaw states that all an artist must do in order to obtain copyright of their work is to have it placed on a tangible medium- the players bodies in this case. EA has been asking players to obtain the rights to the artwork of their tattoos so EA can add that extra layer of realism into the game. Fortunately for 49ers fans, Colin Kaepernick was the only player to have obtained the rights in time for the Madden 15 release, making him the sole player in the game with his signature arm tattoos.

It’s safe to assume that come release day for Madden 16, there will be a host of other players who will have their trademarked tattoos faithfully imprinted on their Madden characters. In the mean time, 49ers fans can enjoy rushing Colin into the End Zone and basking in the full glory of Kaepernicking, tattoos and all.

Check out the video explaining Madden 15’s new tackle mechanics below. Madden 15 is developed and published by EA Sports.

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