A Hidden Message Has Been Found in the Official Dead Space Remake Website

An eagle-eyed Reddit user pointed out that the light emitting from the Ishimura is action a Morse Code message.



We could not be more excited at the prospect of revisiting the Ishimura in the upcoming Dead Space remake. And while we have some time left to wait before we can jump back in Isaac’s boots and stomp Necromorphs, fans are looking for any and every opportunity to find new information on what the experience may be like. This thirst for more has actually resulted in a hidden message spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user.

Over on the /r/DeadSpace subreddit, user Dead96m posted an interesting find. Apparently, the looping video over on the official page for Dead Space on EA’s website has a hidden message. If you head over there, you will see a video playing on loop that features the Ishimura, the ship that Isaac’s nightmares are brought to life in the first game. The Ishimura is emitting a red light that is blinking in a pattern that actually reveals a hidden message using Morse Code.

The video above, which is shown as a looping video on the official Dead Space page, features a blinking light from the Ishimura as it orbits Aegis 7. The light coming from the ship is actually emitting a message in Morse Code.

“Make Us Whole”

That is what the message says. “Make Us Whole“, a message likely coming from one of the many Necromorphs occupying the ship. The message itself is a nod to the sort of hive mind that the Necromorphs come from. Fans who played all three games probably have a decent understanding of what this means but those who stayed through the end of Dead Space 3 specifically and caught the ending will probably feel chills more than anyone at the thought of this message.

Without getting too far into the lore of the Dead Space mythos and universe, here is a quick paraphrased paragraph recap:

Basically, the Necromorphs are skin and bone of victims, right? The idea is that the Necromorphs are to consume and devour all other living things on a planet so that a ritual can begin where a giant being can come and absorb all of them into its being creating a giant moon-sized parasitic creature. The Markers you see in the games are basically little tracking beacons that were shot out by these “Brethren Moons” as they are called. The Markers land on planets, make people go crazy and turn them into Necromorphs. Once the job is done, the Brethren Moons show up (there are a bunch of them) and consume the world. This is where the name “Dead Space” comes from- a large portion of space that has been consumed and is devoid of life after being devoured by the Brethren Moons. Hence a large portion of lifeless space or “dead space”.

From what you know now, it is clear that while the upcoming game is indeed a remake, it will likely keep to the original story as the message is an extension of the Brethren Moons who wish to consume all life and be made “whole”. With that in mind, we have to assume that if that is the case, EA probably has big plans for the franchise, likely continuing its remake process with subsequent sequels that will ultimately reveal more on the Brethren Moons.

Are you creeped out yet? We are, too. And we can’t wait for more.

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