Jackass 4 is Coming in 2021

Paramount has unexpectedly added the Jackass sequel to its 2021 release schedule.

Coming March 5, 2021, Jackass will return to the big screen with its fourth major installment in a franchise many have considered to be dead since 2010 when Jackass 3 was released. Somehow, some incredibly bold powers that be over at Paramount Pictures have decided it was time to revitalize the franchise and now we have just over a year before we get another movie full of nut kicks and frat boy hazing.

Jackass: The Movie first debuted in 2002 with the second in 2006 and the third and presumed final installment in 2010. Now, 11 years later, we are returning to our Jackass roots. Who would’ve thought?

Johnny Knoxville and company are all coming back, perhaps because the crew needs money or maybe because someone convinced a suit and tie that there was still an audience for Jackass, and who are we kidding? We are that audience.

Bwom Bwom Bwommmmmmmmmm.

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