Is ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Finally Coming Out This Year?


Goofy seems to have a knack for screwing everything up. At least that’s what the folks at Square Enix are saying now that they’re on damage control.

This comes after Goofy’s voice actor let slip that the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts III may be released later this year.

Square Enix’s tweet is a direct response regarding an earlier tweet from voice actor Bill Farmer (which has since been deleted). Farmer, who has voiced Disney’s character Goofy in all mediums since 1987 (including the previous Kingdom Hearts games), was answering fan questions via Twitter when he revealed that it was his understanding the game would be released later this year.


It appears that Square Enix made Farmer aware of his Goofy gaffe, as Farmer later redacted his comments and backed up the game developer’s official statement.

The last news of a Kingdom Hearts III launch date was almost a year ago, with Square Enix debunking all release date rumors for the game.

In additional Kingdom Hearts news, the original game could potentially come to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Tai Yasue, the co-director of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Kingdom Hearts III told IGN that Square Enix planned to release HD 1.5 Remix and HD 2.5 Remix in order to set the scene for latecomers to the franchise:

[dropcap size=small][/dropcap]When we first came up with the idea for Kingdom Hearts III, it was always 1.5, then 2.5 and we were always thinking about those three titles at the same time. I think [putting the games on PS4] is something we’ll explore. We understand what our players want, so we will explore the possibility. I’m not making any announcements though, we can’t make any announcements yet!

When asked about whether an Xbox One edition of 1.5 and 2.5 could ever come to fruition, IGN reports Yasue was hesitant in his answer:

[dropcap size=small][/dropcap]It’s a big old question,” he says. “There’s a lot of things we need to think of when we consider consoles. One of them is what our players want, so we will definitely consider that. But there’s also schedule constraints, as we really don’t want the development of Kingdom Hearts III going later, so we have that to think about. We’ll consider all these things and come to a decision.

So, as you can see, a lot of uncertainties coming out of the Square Enix camp. According to the developer, they don’t yet know yet when Kingdom Hearts III will be released, they’re not sure about releasing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 on the PS4, and they’re not quite certain if the earlier games will hit the Xbox One. What are your thoughts? Would you pick up a copy of an HD remaster for PS4 and or Xbox One? Share in the comments below.

Kingdom Hearts III release is slated for later this year yet to be announced.



  1. My only gripe towards Square and their choices in making these games available on limited platforms and making the releases so spread out, is that its hard to get immersed in a story that you have long since forgotten the details.

    I would love to see all the games on one disc kind of like how Microsoft’s 343 Industries did the Master Chief Collection. Every game leading up to KHIII on one disc, then KHIII to follow after.

    Having KHIII available on Xbox One is a great choice, but a serious bummer too for the gamers that have only ever owned an Xbox and not had the joy of playing through the previous games. It would be wise to remake them once again for current consoles.

    I love this franchise very much, and it holds a special place in my gaming life that I will cherish forever. I would gladly pay whatever the price could be for an HD Remaster for the PS4.

  2. As someone has said trouble with the game and I wish it was going to come out for the other consoles and even a chance for pc. I definitely enjoyed the games for ps2. I turned to xbox now and I heard they did say at a time they were going to release it for the xbox one. So what they changed their mind?

  3. For me the problem is also the gap, I’ve spent countless hours throughout my childhood playing the Kingdom Hearts games, from the handheld to the console games. It was a really difficult matter for me though, having to purchase a new gaming device to fill in the lore we know as Kingdom Hearts. The gap between KHII and KHIII has been prolonged to the point that I would have to go back and replay the series. (Or watch videos on them) Both the remastered versions and KHIII should come out for both the Xbox One and PS4. Only with the remastered version(s) as a bundle.

  4. The best game to get lost in. I swear I spents day after day just trying to beat KH1 and when KH2 was released, I think they totally rock the stage. I hope and pray to god there is a release date very ver y soon. It suck becauses the only game im getting lost in is Dragon Age and honestly ever since the shut down ive been pretty upset with a few releases. Anyway hoping for the best ….

    Yours truely,
    – Leonitus49

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