Indie Game Spotlight: Project Spark

project-spark-03192014Players who have a passion for creating as well as playing, meet Project Spark. Well, meet the Project Spark Beta at least. This new title touts the tagline “Where players create and creators play.” And from the content available now, it appears that vision is coming to fruition.  Project Spark allows players to create their own levels and mini-games where the creator has control over level design, terrain style, in-level rewards, control layouts, and enemy types, just to name a few. Once the level is completed it can be published and downloaded and played by other players all over the world.

The framework of the game has been laid out well, there are handy tutorial videos on the developer’s website that cover the basics of level creation and programming, and once these concepts are mastered the rest of the process is left to the player/creator. What is most exciting about Project Spark is the unknown. While there are sure to be some astoundingly awful levels, there will also be amazingly rich and detailed ones. The intrigue Project Spark offers is allowing the players to push their own creative limits as well as connecting with other players whose levels they enjoy, and eagerly anticipating the release of their next creation.

Project Spark Beta is developed by Team Dakota and published by Microsoft Studios. It is available on XBOX One and PC. Full release is set for October 7th, 2014.

Check out the trailer for Project Spark below:



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