‘Lightmatter’ a Game Where You Will Want to Stay Out of the Light to Survive

The shadows will kill you. Stay in the light in this unique "homage to first-person puzzlers".

Lightmatter is a sort of the floor is lava type of game, where the shadows will literally kill you if you let them touch you. Stay in the light, and you might survive. Use this to your advantage by using all sorts of lanterns and Tesla-like tech to avoid letting the darkness consume you.


Dear Visitor,

If you are reading this, you are quite fortunate.

You have been personally invited to the world debut of Lightmatter—the greatest breakthrough in renewable energy since the sun was born. I know. You must barely be able to contain your excitement.

This invitation includes a one hour tour through my facility, a ten-second glance at the launch of Lightmatter, as well as five seconds of eye contact—with me. If that is not enough, bring your wallet. An investment will give you the full tour and prolong our time together. If you behave, I will even let you shake my hand.

“Imagine at the center of a city, a CORE – providing sustainable and renewable energy to millions. That is the future we are striving for. ” What will you sacrifice today for a brighter tomorrow?

During the tour, you will witness mind-bending technological wonders. They might force you to think in ways that are difficult for you. But don’t worry, you will come out a smarter human being. The only thing I ask of you before you enter my facility, is to embrace the future, open your mind, and your backpack. Yes, cameras, journals, and other useless items will be confiscated by James, my head of security. Don’t try to shake his hand, he might break yours.

– Virgil
CEO, Lightmatter Technologies

PS: During your visit, you might stumble into our cat, Lux. So if you experience skin rashes, headaches, or hair-loss keep in mind that you might be allergic to cats.

We like pretty games, and Lightmatter sure is gorgeous to look at. We are reminded of Portal with a little bit of a visual twist but the heart and soul are both there. And the best part? Lightmatter is available today. Head over to Steam and try the first hour free, then buy the full game if you like what you see. We know we will.



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