Highly Anticipated Horizon: Zero Dawn Sequel ‘Forbidden West’ Coming to PS5

The sequel to the successful PS4 title is coming to PS5.



There were a lot of good looking games shown off at today’s PlayStation 5 event. But none caught my eye quite like Horizon Forbidden West – the sequel to the hugely popular Horizon Zero Dawn. Since its release back in 2017, the game has amassed a huge fan base. If the announcement trailer is anything to go by, developers Guerrilla Games have spared no expense in making the sequel another fan favourite.

There were a few unanswered questions at the end of Horizon Zero Dawn, especially when it came to the mysterious character that is Sylens. Thankfully, the announcement trailer for Horizon Forbidden West makes it very clear that those questions will be answered and expanded upon in the next chapter of Aloy’s story.

The Horizon Forbidden West announcement trailer showcased lush new environments, the possibility of underwater exploration, and many new big and bad machines. Although the game has not yet been given a release date, the trailer looks heavily detailed and fleshed out. Hopefully, this means that it will be released either at the end of 2020 or early 2021.

Check out the trailer for yourself now!

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