Halloween’s Michael Myers is the new Playable Killer in ‘Dead by Daylight’ DLC

Austin Powers/the voice of Shrek joins the survival horror game! Wait a minute…

Happy Halloween everyone!

Perhaps there’s no better way to celebrate this lovely holiday than putting on a William Shatner mask and stalking teenage girls while brandishing a knife…

In a video game, of course.

The horror-icon Michael Myers of the Halloween franchise has joined the asymmetrical survival horror game Dead by Daylight.

Check out the creepy trailer (complete with awesome John Carpenter music) below.

In Dead by Daylight, the player assumes the role of either one of four teenagers who must survive an evening of being tracked by a serial killer, portrayed by another player. You play as the teenagers in a third-person perspective, while the killer is played in first-person.

Additionally, this DLC adds Laurie Strode, the screen-queen protagonist from the Halloween series as a new playable teen character as well.

Even with a Friday the 13th game coming that uses the same concept of this title, we love Halloween, and we can’t wait to play as Michael.

To learn more about the Dead by Daylight: The Halloween Chapter DLC, click here.

Jake Culhane
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