Green Lantern being teased for Justice League appearance?

Behind every strong man is a strong woman.  The success of Wonder Woman led to the rise of DC films.  When the Justice League made an appearance, fans were wondering if the Green Lantern would join forces.  There was an intro segment that came along with the film.  This introduction actually had the Green Lantern among the band of B-list characters of the DC universe. 

Gal Gadot is the actress for Wonder Woman for the hit movie of 2017 called…Wonder Woman.

Based on the intro of the film people believe Green Lantern will be in the Justice League.  The thing that surprised fans is that Hal Jordan is the focus even though the intro focused more on pre-existing Justice League members who already had live action DCEU introductions.  Armie Hammer told fans that he is interested in playing Hal Jordan in the DCEU, and Henry Cavill joined in on this tease of an announcement.  Fans strongly believe that the appearance of Jordan makes Hammer’s statement concerning taking on the role of Green Lantern more of a reality. 

With all the speculation Umberto Gonzalez, a huge follower of DC, told his followers that “there will be a Green Lantern in Justice League.”  He continued by making the following statement.

“I forgot the name of the Green Lantern in Justice League, so we’ll see. Hey, maybe by that time they get to cast Hal Jordan and next we’ll throw him in there too who knows,” Gonzalez said. “It is confirmed that Green Lantern, a Green Lantern will be in Justice League. I don’t want to give you the spoiler obviously, but yes, there is a Green Lantern.”

Fans will have to wait till the month of November to find out if all of these rumors about Green Lantern are true.  With the rise of Wonder Woman leading the charge of DC films, there is hope that the Justice League will generate hype with the announcement of Hal Jordan.  Hammer will indeed create some excitement for the Justice League film over the Internet.  If you want more information regarding the hype of this rumor; then check out the video below. 




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