GameCube Controller Adapter coming for the Wii U, New Smash Bros. (Update)


Specifically designed for the fourth installment in the Super Smash Bros franchise, Nintendo announced they will be releasing a GameCube Controller adapter for the Wii U. The adapter works by connecting to the Wii U via its two front USB ports and provides players with four ports to access.


So what does that mean for Smash fans? For starters it means they should be excited, if they weren’t already. The GameCube controller
is synonymous with the rise of competitive play with Super Smash Bros. Melee. Love it or hate it, its hard to argue that it didn’t provide players the best possible way to experience Melee. At this point it’s still unclear whether the adapter will support Nintendo’s wireless Wavebird controller but what is clear, is how much Nintendo is relying on this game to do well.

Will the soon-to-be-released new Super Smash Bros, coupled with its new GameCube controller adapter, be enough to save the Wii U? That still remains to be seen.




Today Nintendo announced that Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U will be bundled with a GameCube controller and the GameCube Controller Adapter for $99 and will be available this Holiday Season. The adapter will in fact support Nintendo’s wireless Wavebird Controller.

The Special Edition GameCube controller, which includes Super Smash Bros. Graphics, will be available separately for $29.99. The adapter will also be available for $19.99

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