Gambit Spinoff Film Still in the Works, Says Channing Tatum

It’s another Channing Tatum article and it seems my editors have a sick sense of humour when it comes to assigning me things to write about, but I swear the content is a little less distressing than my previous article.

Tatum was asked in a recent interview with Yahoo, what was actually happening with the Gambit movie since he had announced it at Comic-Con two years ago. While Tatum couldn’t provide any rock solid answers, he did say:

“…we were coming to it at a time at that creative phase of [the X-Men], where these movies went through a bit of a paradigm shift, where the X-Men movies and the superhero movies with Logan and Deadpool really broke down a lot of doors for us. We were trying to do some things that we actually weren’t allowed to do, and they just smashed down the doors, so we’re giving it a bit of a rethink.”

It seems that after the successes of both Deadpool and Logan, there may be a new direction for this Gambit movie. Whether it will take on the dark humour of Deadpool or the cold hard grit of Logan is yet to be seen.

Who did this?! You think this is a game!

Tatum did however say he didn’t want commit to making Gambit an R-rated film:

“We’re not quite going there, because I enjoyed Gambit as a kid so I don’t want to rule out PG-13.”

PG-13!!! Dear God, whatever shall we do with my innocence!!

Jokes aside, superhero movies seems to be moving in a direction that is, on a whole, more relatable. Every man can now be a hero and not every hero is perfect.

No release date on this one yet and by the sounds of it, it is still very much in the planning stages so don’t hold your breath.



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