Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus Skins Coming to Fortnite, Super Saiyan Transformation Emotes, and a Whole Lot More

A massive amount of leak details confirm a whole lot of what we can expect in the upcoming Dragon Ball x Fortnite Collab.



Over the last few weeks, we reported that an early leak detailing a collaboration between Dragon Ball and Fortnite was on the way. Now, the same sources tell us that far more details have arrived regarding locations, events, skins, and so, so much more. Let’s dive in.


As of right now, the leaks are saying that Goku, Vegeta, and the God of Destruction, Beerus are three of four supposed skins coming. The fourth possible skin is likely to be a female but who that could be, remains unclear. Furthermore, these four skins are simply the ones that we know about and more could certainly be on the way in either another event or just popping up in the item shop.


Regarding the look of these skins- we just don’t know. With all the leaks coming out about the Dragon Ball x Fortnite event, we are really surprised that we haven’t gotten a look at them yet especially since the event is supposed to arrive early next month before the upcoming Super Hero premier.

If we look at other anime-related skins in the game, such as Naruto, Orin, Yuki, etc., it is safe to assume that these Dragon Ball skins will share the same cel-shaded art style.

New Map Locations

According to the sources of the leaks, Master Roshi’s Kame House and the island will likely make an appearance of some kind and be featured in the alleged questlines that have been discovered in the game’s files. Apparently this will be where the event begins.

Kame House is clearly being teased here as fans of the manga and anime will have immediately noticed the uncanny resemblance to the location near the foundation statue. According to HYPEX, this is where the event collaboration will start within the next couple of weeks. He goes on to add that this location will first appear to have an umbrella and a chair (presumably Master Roshi’s) to kick off the Dragon Ball event. This small island will then likely begin to transform and take shape into Kame House itself.


This house near the foundation statue has been around for a while already, presumably teasing the incoming collaboration.

Super Saiyan Emote

Just as we assumed was the case, Goku and Vegeta will both be able to transform into a Super Saiyan through an exclusive emote tied to each character. A handful of other characters already have exclusive emotes like Tony Stark when he calls upon the Ironman armor or the MCU Spider-Man skins that put on the mask through their own exclusive emotes. No telling whether Beerus will have something similar or if the fourth unknown skin will as well.


New Mythic Kamehameha Weapon?

Leaker and content creator Shiina says that Goku’s signature attack, the Kamehameha Wave, will be introduced somehow into the game somehow, quite possibly as a gold-tier Mythic Weapon. This has not been confirmed but it makes sense that this would be the case. We assume that if the Kamehameha is indeed an equipable weapon that it will be limited and possibly take up more than one inventory slot.

Event Quests

Sources say that the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event will have “Punch Cards” along with seven weeks of challenges, likely alluding to the presence of the seven Dragon Balls. HYPEX says that this information that was uncovered is currently encrypted and believed to hide what will likely begin the reveal within the next couple of weeks.

With every passing day, we hear more and more about what this event will contain and we can’t wait to transform into a Super Saiyan and pull off a 360-no-scope before pulling a Kamehameha attack to knock Jonesy. Yeah, we know how insane that sounds but it looks like that will actually happen next month when the Dragon Ball x Fortnite event finally kicks off.

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