Dying Light 2 Has Now Also Been Delayed

Marvel's Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII, and now Dying Light 2 will be delayed until at least late this year.

Dying Light dev Techland Tweeted out earlier this morning that they will no longer be hitting their release window of Spring 2020. This comes as no surprise as pretty much every game with even an iota of ambition with a 2020 release date has been pushed back at least a month or more.

Dying Light 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed zombie parkour open-world title Dying Light, promises to deliver a much larger and expansive map and gameplay experience than its predecessor, so we aren’t upset that Techland wants to take some time to get it right. And although there is no timeframe in which they plan on releasing DL2, we know that many devs are in the same boat.

Last week, we reported that Marvel’s Avengers game, Cyberpunk 2077, and FFVII Remake were all delayed for at least a month, and all of these games share a couple of key qualities- they are all huge, ambitious games, and people can’t stop talking about them. So, of course, the devs are going to take all the time they can to make sure they make something worthwhile.

The only downside we see that DL2 is delayed is that now there are at least four major 2020 titles that will release all relatively within the same season. There will be no way we can take off that much work to play them all.

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