Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster Leak, Allegedly Featuring 27 Characters +2 DLC

An alleged GameStop employee dishes out some juice details after the recent GameStop Expo. 

The video below covers what appears to be some interesting bits about what players can expect from the final roster for Dragon Ball FighterZ, when it releases in February of next year. 

Initially a post made on 4Chan, the news made its way to some media outlets after word spread that the roster for DBFZ would be about 27 characters, with 2 later being added in a Saiyan Season Pass. 

Among the initial 27 are four unlockable characters, consisting of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta. These two, which have already been confirmed as playable, will be unlocked immediately for those who pre-order. For those that wait, they will be available later as you progress through the story. Two additional characters are being allegedly confirmed, with Android 17 being an alternate that players may be able to switch between as the primary fighter. As of now, players only have the option of choosing Android 18, with 17 as a support who jumps in the battle for certain combos and special moves. 

If the above is to be believed, the GameStop employee, who may or may not be legit, also claims that the primary antagonist of the story will be Towa and Mira, the villainous couple from the Dragon Ball XenoVerse franchise and Dragon Ball Online with Towa being the final unlockable character, and Mira as her backup much the same way 17 is to Android 18 now. 

The video below goes into more detail if you are interested in checking it out, but for now the large majority of this info should remain as a rumor as nothing is confirmed just yet. 


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