Disney and Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Receives First Teaser Trailer

To infinity and beyond! Experience the origin story of a Space Ranger in theaters Summer 2022.

The popular action figure character from Toy Story is getting his own origin story in the form of Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Chris Evans. A curious take on the character, the film isn’t about a toy any longer but rather the man/space ranger the toy is based on. Take a look at the first official teaser trailer for ‘Lightyear’, coming summer 2022.

Disney and Pixar’s “Lightyear,” an original feature film releasing June 17, 2022. The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear—the hero who inspired the toy—introducing the legendary Space Ranger who would win generations of fans.

The concept is really cool and Chris Evans is the perfect voice for the young hero. Never before have we considered how good this could be and we don’t have too long to wait when the film hits theaters next summer.

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