Is Dave Bautista Joining Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’ as Bane?

Dave Bautista has shared a curious image of himself that is sending the internet into a speculation frenzy.

Matt Reeve’s clearly has his handsful with what is growing to be a massive cast of powerhouse actors and dangerous villains. Among them might just be Dave Bautista as Bane.

Earlier today, Bautista posted to his personal Twitter a curious and intentionally mysterious picture of himself outside Warner Bros.

This could mean anything. We get it. However, the timing is certainly curious and considering that rumors are flying around like crazy today all over the web suggesting that this is about a DC villain, Bane seems plausible. Adding to this is the growing fan support hoping to see Bautista in the role dating back as far as 2018.

Could he be Bane? There literally is not enough info at this point to tell. But considering the growing cast, if Bautista was joining Matt Reeve’s The Batman (2021), chances are we will hear about it any day now.

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