Warner Bros. Confirms Leslie Grace is Batgirl in Upcoming Solo Film

Leslie Grace has allegedly beaten out the likes of Isabella Merced, Haley Lu Richardson, and Zoey Deutch according to sources.



Earlier today, Warner Bros. announced that In the Heights actress Leslie Grace will be starring as Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, in the upcoming solo film featuring the Dark Knight’s young protege and partner. An excited Grace immediately took to Twitter to share the news and express her excitement on such a life-altering role.

The upcoming Batgirl movie will be exclusive to HBO Max rather than a large-scale theatrical release but that won’t stop the film from being a major spectacle considering the quality of content that HBO is known for.

Batgirl‘s story is still a mystery but we are curious if this will be a story that takes place years into her tenure as the caped heroine or if it will be an origin story complete with other familiar and established DCEU characters. Or, if it will be in the same universe as Justice League for that matter, and if so, will J.K. Simmons return as Jim Gordon or if Jeffrey Wright will be picking up where Simmons left off.

Wright, who plays Jim Gordon in the upcoming film The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, is still early in his career during that film which is also during the first couple of years Bruce Wayne is dawning the cape and cowl himself, so perhaps it would be too soon to toss Leslie into the fray when that universe’s Batman is still new to the role.

This whole “extended universe” and “multiverse” thing is just so damn confusing. Feels more like an excuse to pump out as many films as possible without any cohesive connection just to make a quick buck. In any case, Leslie Grace seems like a solid choice for Batgirl and we look forward to seeing her in the role when the film comes to HBO Max sometime later in the next year or so.

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