Rumors floating around Suggest Dark Knight Director taking on Bond 25



If the rumors are true Bond 25 could turn out to be one of the best Bond films yet.

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he website IMDB has once again given away facts about an upcoming film. On the website, Syncopy Films, which was founded by director Christopher Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas, is listed as producing the upcoming Bond 25 film. Since Christopher Nolan has a fairly reliable track record of directing films which Syncopy has released many people believe this is a sure sign that the next film will be handed to Christopher Nolan.

However, sites like Collider have been quick to point out that no studio has been handed control of production and even if Syncopy was handed control they would only be allowed to voice their opinion on who should direct the next Bond film. Christopher Nolan, who was previously asked about whether or not he would direct a Bond film stated “It’s a great franchise, and I grew up absolutely loving it. They seem to be doing fine without me.” Then, when asked for an answer he said, “It’s not a no, but it’s not a yes.”


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