Borderlands Movie Gets First Official Trailer

The trailer fails to capture any of the magic of the video games.



The first official trailer for the upcoming Borderlands movie has arrived and it is certainly something. Before we express our thoughts, take a look at the trailer below for yourself.

The first and biggest takeaway from trailer, which should attempt its absolute best at trying to secure our spot in the theater on opening night, is that it did little to curb our concerns for what we expect to be another video-game-turned-movie disappointment. None of what was shown here succeeded in capturing the magic and humor that is the Borderlands video game franchise. Tiny Tina and Roland are two huge personalities with very small people portraying them in ways that fail to demonstrate even the most basic understanding of what made these characters interesting in their game counterparts. And is it just us or does Jack Black not quite hit the mark as Claptrap?

Sure, this is just a trailer but its job, its single and only job, is to get us excited for the movie. And instead of making it look like it is rampant with chaos and fun with faithful character adaptations, all it did was look like a CGI mess cobbled together by someone who saw maybe five minutes of gameplay from one of the Borderlands games. There is just no way Avi Arad or Eli Roth ever played them in their entirety. But whatever. Maybe it turns out to be more fun than the trailer let on but this looks less than promising.

Borderlands comes exclusively to theaters on August 9th, 2024.

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